Thursday, 17 October 2013

A prayer for a servant

A prayer for a servant:

O Lord, we needed a servant
'Cos the last one left
She had a headache
And then she left

We're going to get a new servant soon
Who'll be around to sweep the rooms
To gather the dust and the dirt
To sweep only that away.

She'll swab the floors
And do the sink
She'll put out the clothes
And gather them in.

We need somebody who likes to do those things
Some like to sweep, some like to sing
Some like to kill and some like to eat
Some like to love and some like to be loved

There are so many different things to do
Some are good and some are true
Some are daring and some are kind
Some are meek and some are mild

It takes all kinds, or maybe not
But You've given space for all around
For those in the garden
You are so glad
For those outside
You are so sad

But You've provided a way out for them
Somewhere to sweat to feel the heat
Somewhere to labour and feel the pain
Somewhere to feel they have some gain

Every step we take might be away from You,
But still You pursue
You provide a place for each of us
We are Your creation, and You made us good.

We finally realise the most to be had,
Is when we do what You had planned,
So we return to You, O Lord
To receive, to have, and to be glad.

Sometimes it's amazing, just to realise
There is a Creator who provides
It's all within us, just let it out
Only then will we know what it's all about.